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ELOPY supports gastronomy and the Greek Cuisine Awards 2022

THE Hellenic Organization of Aquaculture Producers (ELOPY) supported for the 2nd time one of the most important institutions of gastronomy, the Greek Cuisine Awards 2022which were organized by Athenoramain the hotel Macedonia Palacein Thessaloniki.

The theme of this year’s awards ceremony was “Planet Fish: Trackless seas” and aimed to highlight the big problem of overfishing, as already 33% of the world’s fish are overfished and an additional 58% are on the verge of being overfished. ELOPY, whose main concern is the protection of marine biodiversity through sustainable aquaculturecould not but support this effort to inform and raise awareness of renowned chefs who always want to choose the best raw materials.

The evening’s menu was created by the award-winning chef Lefteris Lazarouwith the valuable contribution of the executive chef of the Makedonia Palace hotel, Sotiris Evangelou. The menu was based on sustainably fished products with ecological sensibility and refined seafood flavors. Two of the dishes on the menu were created with sea bass and skull by ELOPY member companies: Soup of small stonefish, cuttlefish ink, sea bass, black garlic and Skull with sour trachana mousse and egg lemon foam.

ELOPY was represented at the award ceremony by the Chairman of the Board, Apostolos Turaliasand the Director of Communication and Public Relations, Ismeni Bogdanou. In her welcome, Ismini Bogdanou said: “Tonight’s theme, sustainable fishing without an ecological footprint, is also one of the main goals of our industry: to respect and protect our seas, the home where our fish grow . Aquaculture is the most sustainable solution to the major problem of overfishing, with the lowest carbon footprint. Today, here, we celebrate the taste and honor the restaurants that make a difference on the culinary map of our country, choosing the quality products produced by the Greek land and the Greek sea.”

ELOPY’s presence in an institution that represents and rewards professional chefs, who make the final decision on the raw materials they will use in their kitchen, is very important and aims to further inform them about the benefits of fish from Greek aquaculture, strengthening their trust in the sector and the conscious choice of its products.

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