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Authentic Taiwanese Food in the Bay Area

four sea restaurant

Located in downtown Taipei, Four Seas Restaurant serves authentic Taiwanese food. Its menu includes a variety of dishes such as beef and chicken steamed buns, daikon cakes, and rice. In addition, the restaurant offers delivery services.

Daikon cakes

Located in the Los Angeles area, Four Seas Cafe has been serving the most authentic Taiwanese breakfasts for years. These dishes are a treat for the taste buds. They also come with real daikon in the cakes.

While there are a ton of Taiwanese breakfast options in the San Gabriel Valley, a lot of them are not found in the center of the city. Despite this, Four Seas Cafe serves a fantastic fried taro cake, egg crepe with pork gloss, and savory rice rolls. I was also able to try a savory soy milk. While it was a little light on the soy, the rice rolls were good.

This is a recipe that requires no fancy steamer and is easy enough to make in your own kitchen. To make the best char on the Chinese vegan radish cake, use an iron skillet. Alternatively, you could use a non-stick skillet. If you don’t have an iron skillet, use a wok with a lid and set it on top of a large plate.

Authentic Taiwanese food

Authentic Taiwanese food is not hard to find in the Bay Area. Convenience stores, such as OK Marts, 7-Elevens and OK Burger, sell snacks, boba, and plumped rice onigiri rolls. There are also many sidewalk operations.

Taiwan is a cosmopolitan island and its food culture has been greatly influenced by a variety of regional Chinese cuisines. Fujian and Hakka-style dishes are very popular in Taiwan. Other regions include Shanghai, Hunan, and Sichuan.

Taiwanese chefs are on a quest to reinvent their culinary identity. They emphasize local produce and hyper seasonality. They also emphasize the role of indigenous foods in the Taiwanese culinary experience.

Taiwan’s indigenous Austronesians are still deeply involved in the cooking and food culture of the island. The Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) has published a cookbook describing the foods of the main Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. They also hold an Indigenous Peoples Healthy Cuisine and Innovative Beverage Competition, which awards prize money for the creative use of indigenous ingredients.

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